Tuesday, July 16, 2013

List of Islands Occupied by China (PRC) on the Spratlys Part 1

The communist run country of the People's Republic of China (PRC) claim all of the Spratly group of islands as part of its territory. They included the islands as part of Sansha prefecture which is in part under Hainan province.

1. Cuarteron Reef (Huayang Jiao 华阳礁 in Chinese; Calderon Reef in Filipino; đá Châu Viên in Vietnamese)

Coordinates: 8° 53′ 0″ N112° 51′ 5″ E

Cuarteron Reef


  • Has a supply platform and reef fortress
  • Anti-aircraft guns
  • Naval Guns
  • Search Radars
  • Radio communications equipment

2. Fiery Cross Reef  ("Yongshu Reef" (永暑礁) in Chinese and "Kagitingan Reef" in the Filipino)

Coordinates: 9° 37′ 0″ N112° 58′ 0″ E

Fiery Cross Reef

3.Gaven Reefs (Chinese: Nanxun Jiao 南薰礁 and Xinan Jiao 西南礁, VietnameseĐá Ga Ven)

Coordinates: 10° 12′ 48″ N114° 13′ 9″ E

  • Supply Platform with reef fortress
  • Naval guns
  • Anti-aircraft guns
  • Radio communications and search radars equipment

Gaven Reefs

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